How to Start a Service Business with Gojek Clone

gojek clone

If you are considering starting a service business and need some help, this article might be just what you need. Find out how to use Gojek Clone software to create your own app and get the process started.

Gojek Clone: What is it?

Gojek App clone is a time-saving mobile app that lets you order food, get a ride, and do other tasks all in one place. It also saves you from going to different websites or apps.

How to use Gojek to reach new markets

Gojek Clone is an Indonesian clone of Gojek. It offers the same services as the original service but with different prices. This is perfect for you if you are looking to enter the Indonesian market with a local service business. If you’re considering starting your own service business, this cloneable app comes in handy.
If you’re planning to start a business and plan to use some of those profits for growth purposes, the next logical step would be turning your service into a franchise. However, this can’t be done with just any business – as there’s some knowledge and support that needs to be provided. It’s also not as easy as it sounds. So before you can compete with companies such as Homejoy or UberEATS, you’ll need to know what each type of company is going through in terms of their competitors and local markets.

Ideal business models for Gojek Clone

The most popular business models for App Like Gojek are the service delivery model, the product service model, and the licensed service delivery model. The service delivery model is suitable for businesses who provide services relating to transportation, sales, logistics, or other similar industries. Products that have unique design or services that require extended time periods are also good business models for Gojek Clone. There are many examples of how this platform can be used in different parts of the world.

A mobile service business that does not require customers to install programs or pay fees is hard to enter and many entrepreneurs hesitate greatly in the process. They fear for security and customer service issues in the process and if they decide to start with this type of business, they will be in a great disadvantage in negotiating with clients. The ideal business model for Gojek App Clone is an expert who takes care of specific tasks for their clients on-demand basis. They can get income from individual clients or by enrolling them into a membership program.


Full-disclosure: I’m a part of the team that launched the on demand multi service app. The opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or any other party.