KingX 2022 Updated: Here’s What’s New In Gojek Clone

gojek clone on demand app

Presenting the world with the most Advanced, Reliable, and Avant-Grade App of the year 2022 – The KingX 2022. Loaded with a Shiny Armour of All-in-One Services, this App is nothing less than a Revolution of the Century.

Stacked with Compelling, Sensational, Powerful Features And Services, 2022 is about to see the best Mobile Application of all time. A few Services you can reckon include:

  • Taxi Rides
  • Moto Rides
  • Delivery Services
  • Taxi Rental Services
  • Food/Grocery Delivery
  • On-Demand Tow Trucks
  • Car Wash
  • Electrician
  • Plumber

Wait! There are other numerous services on the list.

The New And Better Than Ever KingX 2022

Our Smartphone memories get the goosebumps when we load it with a junk of Apps for even the smallest services like Booking a Carpenter, Plumber, Party Cleaner, etc. Well, gone are those days of installing, using, and uninstalling every single Service App. The new tech era has a brand-new solution for you – KingX 2022. To make sure you don’t need to download numerous Service Apps anymore, get this one-of-a-kind App.

What’s New?

  1. The Latest 2022 Version has 2 Home Page Variations, that is, Traditional and Modern from which the Entrepreneur can choose a suitable one.
  2. The User just needs to Register once, set their Profile and Payment Details before requesting a service.
  3. The Users are allowed to book Multiple Services in one go.

Let’s get into the depths of what this new app has to offer.

New and Advanced Add-On Features of KingX 2022

Above all ifs and buts, the truth is that running a High Tech-Enabled On-Demand Multi Services App is not as simple as reciting ABCD. It takes up a lot of time to perfect each Feature, you have to be persistent with the progress of your App, cope with major Technical Issues to stay on the timeline, and of course, handle future business deeds.

All of this can get sorted if you find the Right, Trustworthy, Mature, and Experienced Firm to White Label the Apps and make them ready for launch with a customized appearance. Here’s one you can blindly trust – Gojek Clone App.

Added Alternative of Expensive Google Maps

It’s not a hidden treasure that Google Map APIs are expensive and some clients have to pay a humungous amount of money for it. The API prices have increased two to threefolds since their popularity escalated. And it is pretty obvious that they will not lower the cost. So, what should small-scale businesses do? Well, find an alternative to Expensive Google Maps.

Gojek Clone App did the impossible and worked day and night to research the best alternative.  Thus, the Advanced Gojek Clone App is successfully integrated with other companies’ APIs which are far cheaper than Google Maps.

Service Booking Through Phone Calls or the Official Website

Not everyone is a Smartphone Master, especially people above 60 years of age. So, KingX 2022 is designed with all the advanced and complex features but keeping in mind the Non-Tech-Savvy Users. So, now they can Book Gojek Clone App services through the Website and the Apps Backend Team will work through with  Service Requests via calls.

This will ensure that Customers get all the details of the Service via a call and the Executives could Book them on their behalf. It enables the App Owners to receive Orders from Website Users and all their services are dispatched at a flashy speed.

Extravagant Shopping Experience to your Customers

The world is stuck with the Novel Coronavirus and its dangers. However, life must still go on and so people have shifted to online shopping with Apps like Gojek. All their services are maintained as per the Covid-19 Safety norms like regular temperature check-ups of the Staff and In-House Delivery Drivers. Also, this App features High-End Tech facilities to enable contactless delivery like In-App Wallet Payment, Voice Note Instructions for the Delivery Drivers, and more.

Through the App, Stores ensure to upload pictures of their hygienic environment, sanitization process, and other Covid-19 Safety Protocol if a person is Ordering Online or opting for a Take-Away. In short, everything gets contactless and Covid-19 Safe with KingX 2022.


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